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The Upper Keys Artificial Reef Foundation (UKARF) was created in 2002 as a way to finance the sinking of the Spiegel Grove and support other artificial reef projects in the Upper Florida Keys. This organization was a natural outgrowth of the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce’s Artificial Reef Committee, which was formed in the 1994. With the financial assistance of Monroe County, the Tourist Development Council and its District Advisory Committee for Key Largo, UKARF was able to put the Spiegel Grove on the bottom.

In addition to this function the Upper Keys Reef Foundation promotes our artificial reefs as a means of conserving and protecting the natural coral reef by giving SCUBA divers other dive alternatives, as well as enjoying the beautiful reefs of Key Largo’s John Pennekamp National Marine Sanctuary. The Spiegel Grove, Coast Guard Cutter Duane and the Coast Guard Cutter Bibb have provided thousands of divers a unique experience every time they visit these great shipwrecks.

Key Largo also offers SCUBA divers and snorkelers some shallow shipwreck for SCUBA and Snorkel Trips. The historical wrecks, Benwood, The City of Washington and the 1733 Spanish galleon wrecks, all offer wonderful alternatives to the beautiful coral reefs. These wrecks combined with our fantastic artificial reefs makes Key Largo the Wreck Diving Capital of the Florida Keys.

Our reefs are all teaming with fish life. Key Largo reefs and wrecks along with the cleanest and clearest water of the Florida Keys are a fish watchers Dream dive destination. One of our beautiful reefs, the world famous Molasses Reef, fish counters from R.E.E.F. has identified over 500 different species of fish.

Key Largo invites you to travel through this web site to learn more about SCUBA diving and Snorkeling in the Dive Capital of the World. We also invite you to view the Key Largo Reef Fest link on this site, especially before you plan your next vacation. You will see many beautiful photographs throughout this web site, all taken by Stephen Frink here in Key Largo.

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